Rebuilding your business after a natural disaster

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Losing a business to
a natural disaster in California, such as an earthquake or wildfire, would be
financially and emotionally traumatic. One of the first steps in recovering is
to contact your business
insurance in California
agent to
get the claim filing process rolling if you have coverage for the event.

Following a disaster,
and before you begin the rebuilding process, may be a good time to reevaluate
your business development goals. It may be wise to make the most of any
insurance money you may get by looking into possible improvements in your
equipment and building structure. You may even consider relocating.

You may want to
examine the areas of your business that were most affected by the disaster, and
rebuild smarter and stronger in case disaster strikes again in the future. Your
local Small Business Development Center may assist you in formulating a strong
rebuilding plan.

When rebuilding, it
may be wise to try to learn from the past, keeping disaster preparedness in
mind as reconstruction plans are drawn. You may want to consider the potential
effects of fire, flooding and high winds on your new property as rebuilding
begins, and make sure you are doing all you can to make the new building
stronger than the last. You also may want to review your business insurance in California policies in case you need additional financial protection in the


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