Protect Your Business from Storm Damage

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Your business insurance policies typically
cover damage to your building from accidents and natural disasters, but it is
best to make sure you do not neglect regular inspections, maintenance and
repairs on your building. Ensuring your building is weather tight might help
prevent water damage in the event of a storm, or structural damage, which might
lead to an insurance claim.


According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, most buildings go through
expansion and contraction as a result of seasonal temperature changes, and
weather fluctuations. These changes tend to cause leaks in sealants, and other
building materials. UV rays from the sun and other harsh weather conditions may
cause wear on roofs and walls. Should your business be located on the coast of
California, your building may be susceptible to corrosion from salt sprays.
Exposure to high winds may weaken metal and wood components in your building,
putting them at risk for collapse in a big storm.


It is important to have your building
inspected thoroughly each year for these signs of wear and tear, and has the
necessary maintenance and repairs done to prevent serious damage. Your
building inspector
may need to check the roof, walls, windows, doors, drainage system, seals
around vents, piping and conduits along with your building grounds. Should your
building be damaged or destroyed in an accident or natural disaster, your
insurance agent may walk you through the claims process to help get your
business up and running again as quickly as possible. 


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