Continuing Training May Reduce Liability Risks

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Government regulations, whether local, state
or federal, change over time, often without
notice. It is important that you keep your California business in compliance
with new laws and regulations governing your industry in order to avoid
liability risks that could result in a fine, a lawsuit or a claim on your
insurance policy. Part of remaining compliant with laws and regulations is
keeping your employees informed so that they may avoid making mistakes that
could cost your business money.

It is vital that your employees receive
continuing education and training, not only to keep up with changing laws, but
also to keep up to date with changing technologies and practices in your

You may want to check with any professional
business organizations to which you belong to find out if they offer
educational sessions, webinars or newsletters on changing laws, regulations and
technologies. Providing continuing education to your employees can encourage
and equip them to do their best.

It is important that you make sure you have
the right liability insurance coverage to financially protect your business in
the event that you or one of your employees makes a mistake that results in a
compliance violation, customer injury, property damage, or lawsuit. There is no
way to guarantee that your staff will never make a mistake, but keeping them
informed through ongoing education and training may reduce mistakes and
insurance claims, and prevent liability insurance premiums from increasing.


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