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CA Business Insurance and Your Company Website

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Are you trying to trim your small business budget and grow your business at the same time? We might be able to help you trim your CA business insurance costs, but getting a free website might be of interest too! Under its new program “California Get Your Business Online’, Google is giving local small businesses … More

Obtaining Coverage with CA Business Insurance

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When you run a business, there are many things you can do to help protect it, such as having adequate CA business insurance, but some of the risks to your business are less obvious than others. For example, what happens when a staff member leaves? How can you ensure your intellectual property is kept safe? … More

Do you need insurance coverage for data breach?

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While some small businesses in California manage to operate successfully without using computers, most businesses use computers for a range of business processes. A business that relies on data processing needs to have California business insurance in place so that damage to hardware, software problems or data loss do not impact business operations and profitability. … More

Look after your important family documents

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Do you have a place that’s both safe and accessible where important family papers are kept? Documents like California home insurance policies, wills, life policies, your home inventory, birth certificates and passports should be stored securely, but make sure that you can retrieve them easily if you need them. Have copies made of all your … More

Are you covered for a disaster with California home insurance?

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You may have purchased California home insurance as financial protection from the worst disasters you could imagine. A burglary, house fire, or wind storm event can be devastating, but insurance compensation can help with your recovery from such an experience. California certainly has its share of earthquakes too so you’ll want additional coverage for this … More

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